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Where are the missing bits?


Hi Pingendo,

I have to assume there is a way to globaly set a few things like javascripts to include a non-slim jquery, a different flavour of bootstrap, font awesome, and custom scripts that should be on every page?

I’m sure we’d all benefit from saving customised blocks as snippets for reuse.
also updating any snippet could offer an ‘update all instances’ button to pregreplace the html across all page within the project (ideal for menus & footers)

also is there an simple block for scrollTo’s?

many thanks for listening.


There is not yet a way to set things globally, but as already promised in this forum, we are going to release proper support for templating. It solve the issues you mentioned and much more.
It took a while to be developed and we can’t wait to share with our users.
Hope to see it landing in May.


thanks for the heads up Gseregni,
Ping is a really pretty app. I would like to see some of the UI/UX of mobirise re configuring blocks. but I really like that they save projects as a single json file. Yout GIT contributions sound like an excellent way to go too though.
IF you have any beta program i’d be interested in playing with it. paticularly if it allows for template creations :slight_smile: