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What I would like to see

  1. Animations, much like webflow.
  2. Non sql database. Maybe a flat file database that can hold some blog or new eggetgrav.
  3. Ability to log in and make small HTML changes. maybe some images or txt. eg. SideCake

Most importantly. A full Market place where we can make and sale themes and modules.

  1. Not familiar with webflow but there are plenty of CSS Animations that you can easily add:

  1. Bootstrap by design does not use a database so really down to you if you need something.

  2. There are plenty of cms editors that will work if you prefer not to ose the PG Editor and upload, just Google away.

  3. There’s also a shed load of sites selling bootstrap templates, some good but also many bad. Don’t really see the need to invent another.


Thanks @Virgil_Tudor. #1 and #3 are on our roadmap and shipped soon.