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As a long time user of Pingendo I have just tried the v4 online builder. Is the online version the same as the desktop app? If it is boy have you lost the plot, it’s a massive step back from the version I have on my pc.

I really don’t like the way the ‘blue +’ jump around on each column. There doesn’t seem to be anyway to remove columns besides editing the html. And what’s happened to all the components - not even a navbar?

What a shame. I’ll be sticking with the old version.


They are bringing a new desktop / online version that is compatible with Bootstrap 4 Beta this week I believe. There are lots of issues yes, but remember this is an application that is still in Alpha / Beta stages.


Hallo, thank you to be a long time user.
We are sorry you don’t like where we are moving. I suggest you to take a look at the update released today.
It make Pingendo works with Bootstrap 4 beta, introduce a new snippet browser and fix tons of bugs.
Let us know if it helps!