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Version and update info


Hi, where can I find the apps version info? I’m not sure if I need to update or not but I can’t find an ‘update’ link either.

How do we know if the version we are using is the current one? I expected to see the version info on the ‘licence’ screen (or an about screen) but there is none.

Great product btw. Thanks


Hey there,

The app update for itself in background, so you are using always the latest version.
When starting the app you can see a spinner with a date below. The latest update has been released the 10th of April. The changelog is announcing major upgrades, like the latest code editor.

Thanks for the feedback, really.

Fungsi update

Thanks giacomo. Looking forward to a version number or a ‘check for updates’ link. It would save a lot of time trying to find out if we have the latest update. I’ll update now. Thanks for the reply.