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Version 5 ever going to happen

In DEc 19 a member of the Pingendo Team posted v5 would be released by Christmas. Six months later and nothing seen.

Am i wasting my time waiting and just write off the licence fee I paid or is it really going to happen and if so when?


Feels like.

Today I wanted to buy Pingendo, but then I remember about v5. Plus I read this topic. Mission aborted :V

maybe they had a reason to not start pingendo 5:

(not depending anymore of JQuery ,now i can use Zepto if I want)

or mbd version

and more if you maybe don`t need FontAwesome or other things from you can have the new icons from Bootstrap:

i also wrote the fastest php framework in the world and I use it in 2019 along with Pingendo as templates part assistent and i vote Pingendo on a scale 1…10 with 11 !
this is a feedback to thanks them for Pingendo in 2019 - Feb 2020 when I still workin` with.
and I finish projects for a small company in my town.The websites are online ,fastest than any other sollutions and are all based
php 7.1+,mariadb/mysql: mysqli driver, =my framework plugin based,multi templates,multi languages and just in case api friendly ,
bootstrap ,jquery, html 5 , css(low css use thanks to Bootstrap and Pingendo)

So I want too a Pingendo 5 but I do not understand why you all are angry : any pro can use low support of this program with MAX RESULTS(you can figure out i own a Pingendo license too)

Yes, I’m on your side, I just wait patiently and in the meantime I keep working with pingendo as usual. I don’t see any problem, only that the guys of pingendo were really amazed and want to let us know that pingendo was a step closer to a new release. I’m sure they’ll need time only for give us the better Pingendo without bugs that’s it. Xpectmore thank you

Hello, is there any update or support from Pingendo´s side?

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