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SEO first steps

Search Engine Optimization is a major concern when talking about website publishing. That’s why Pingendo devoted one panel of the inspector to this topic. Here you will see how to define the very first steps that would help the indexing of your web pages.

On the left panel there’s a section called PAGE. Inside there’s everything you may need to start

To upload a favicon select the folder icon and browse the file you want to upload.

Compile all the fields about the title, description and the relevant keywords. Always keep in mind the SEO best practices, as avoiding to stuff the keywords with unrelated topics or with misleading tags.

Clicking on the HTML inspector at the bottom of the editor will let you see the new snippets that have been inserted in the section.

<meta name="description" content="Type here the description about the web page">
<meta name="keywords" content="animal pingendo tutorial tags">
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This is a very helpful feature. Thanks!