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Please delete the auto-compiler, it compiles in a bad way


Hi I buyed the licence and I use this software every day, and with the auto-compiler your software is not help in anything.

Pingendo compile this without reason like “10px 10”. I am writing!!, and then Pingendo dont compile in a normal way inmediatly when I click “save”. So “10px 10px” never appear and my code breaks.

I have to change 1 character (like 3 times), then save and check again. Its so stupid!
In my week I loose a lot of time with this.

Please, delete the autocompiler (or put a switch). And just compile when push the button SAVE.

Thanks for your software!


Hi @Aleph_Celis thank you for your report.
Help me to better understand… does it occur while you edit Sass code ?
Or using the css panel ?
Can you give more detail ?


Hi, I record a video. It will be deleted soon.


I uninstall, reinstall. Etc.




I typed one letter wrong in other line and the alert is visible in the video. But the save button and the file was “updated”, thats confused me.

As an idea: Maybe you can alert with something more visible and dont update the file without real changes.



Pingendo compiles your sass with autoprefixer because Bootstrap requires it.
It’ possible you’ll find your css sligtly modified … but the result should not change.
Do you see any error in rendering, or it’s just a matter of altered css?


Hi, sorry if I am confused, but the autoprefixer in my vision is a diferent point not related to the issues commented before.

The resume about the video before is:

  • The alert icon when SASS have a syntax error is very small. If blocks the compiler when a user click on Save button that have to be move vissible in my point of view. The alert icon have to be to the side of the Save button, not in a tab on the right, on other side. This is important, becouse can be frustating.

  • And if Pingendo blocks the compiler for a syntax error then dont update the file CSS without changes, becouse the user says “my changes are OK, I am going to upload my file”, and that doesnt work like that.

Please close this topic.