Pingendo Wish List


This software is getting better all the time, it’s nice to have Developers who listen to what their customers are saying.

Here’s some of the bits I’d like to see added…

Save As - already in place but it would be good if when saving a page with a new name the new page opened in a new tab at the same time.

Save all - a single command to Save all open tabs

Save and Close All - similar to above but closes all open tabs at same time

Library Items - the ability to use the same code snippet on all pages. I’ve been bought up using SSI and find it a very speedy way to have common bits eg navs, footers etc over all pages

Image import - when replacing or inserting a new image that you browse to outside of Project folder being asked if you would like to COPY image to Project Folder.

I’m sure I’ll think of more but that’s a quick bit to think about.




Tip - You can duplicate a file from the project panel right-clicking on it