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Pingendo can't connect to (won't start on Mac)


Hello, i just installed Pingendo 4 on Mac (Yosemite). But immediately after i click on icon this error appears: “Error. Pingendo can’t connect to Check you connection and try again”. App don’t even open start window. Every other application works fine (even old version of Pingendo - 2.1)

thanks for help


Hello Tragedy, i can’t see any trouble on Can you retry and let me know if it was a temporary network failure ? thank you



Hi, it looks like problem on my network. When i connect my mac via my smartphone, it activates. But its weird, because every application and all webpages works fine, just new Pingendo can’t connect for first time.


did you try deactivating your firewall/antivirus if you have one*?. if it helps it may need telling that pingendo is safe.

*if you don’t have one the nget one - then you’ll be safe :wink: