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Pingendo 4.1.3 bug?


Thank you for a wonderful version upgrade.
However, I found a bug.

If you copy and paste the text described in ID field and class field of SETTINGS palette, it will be pasted twice.

Please improve.

· Windows 10 (64 bit)
· Pingendo 4.1.3


Thank you. It will be fixed in 4.1.4


Thank you. I am looking forward to it.

And I found another bug.

In the previous version, the icon specified by Font Awesome clicked on the Icon column of the SETTING panel, the selection screen was launched, but it will not start up with the new version.

Please check it.


That was intentional… soon a new support for Fontawesome 5


It was intentional.
Excuse me.

I am looking forward to correspond to Font Awesome 5.


I think if you had taken note from the big changes-fixes that I sent to you by email (sept 13), you had already fixed this bug.

Please, take note from the users. All we want this app to grow up
I’m getting ready a email or post with many changes-fixes.

PD: Take note!


To be sure to don’t miss any bug/glitch we are going to replace this forum with Github Issue.
Thank you for reports


Just fixed with the 4.1.4 release. App auto-update itself at launch.


It was fixed.
Thank you so much!