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Hi. I’m using 32 bit LXLE linux. (Lubuntu similar).

I trying to use Pingendo but when i download for linux i receive this file Pingendo-4.1.23-x86_64.AppImage. Can’t start because need application to open.|
I change Premission - Execute to Owner from nobody and double click and click execute but nothing happen.
Trying from terminal with ./ but also not working.
chmod a+x Pingendo-4.1.23-x86_64.AppImage
receive this:
bash: ./Pingendo-4.1.23-x86_64.AppImage: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

Any ideas?
Or did i can found from somewhere zip linux version?
Thank you!


32 Bit is mostly not supported


oh thank you i will install 64bit lxle