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Pingendo 4.1.15 components UI


Hello there… I’m new with Bootstrap, until now I suffer with jQuery/jQM and hard coding in Notepad++. I planned to learn BS by using Pingendo; tried some other apps with similar task but Pingendo does better taste to my eyes. I saw that BS 4 has plenty of components, but on left side I couldn’t see all of them!? Is it because I have free version or what? I wish I’m able to use most of classic components I saw by using jQuery because my major idea is making web apps consists of simple and complex responsive forms.
Did I miss something in Pingendo? Thanks.



the left panel is showing the Bootstrap components actually supported by Pingendo and there are no differences between Free or Premium version. You can still use whatever BS element (list here) by simply copy/pasting it in the code editor, but you won’t have all the settings on the right inspectors.

We’re working to prepare a wider set of components, particularly cards and forms, that are going to be featured in app soon.