Navbar linking


I’m very new to website building. I can write HTML but that’s about it.
I made a navbar in Pingendo but I can’t make a link to the part in my webpage I want to go to.
Let’s say I click on “pictures”, what do I do to make the link scroll to the “pictures” part of my webpage.


You need HTML Anchors.

first add an anchor identifier where you want the page to jump to when navigation clicked:

< a href="#anchorname">Link Text

Change anchorname and Link Text. Close up the opening < which only has a gap after it here to get it to show…

Then add your nav link:

< a href="#anchorname">Nav Description

Then clicking the nav link will jump to the anchor part of page.

Hope that gives you a starting point.


Thanks. Had to use another way but it finally worked.


another way is to use the bootstrap editor itself. Ensure that each section you’ve built has an ID tag named in it (such as: HOME, Contact_form, etc…) and then in the NAVBar, use the HREF to link to each of those sections. (example: #Home, #Contact_form, etc…). should be easier than manually typing all the above and searching through HTML code.


Foi assim que fiz. Sou novo no Pingendo e foi observando esse detalhe que consegui fazer funcionar. :+1: