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Navbar across multiple webpages?


I have been using Pingendo V3 for a few years now and like it very much. However one thing that was missing was the ability to use one navbar across multiple webpages. In other words, edits made to a single navbar template would then be reflected in all the webpages.

I got around this by using PHP code which Pingendo doesn’t really like.

I’d like to try V4 now and I’m wondering if this is now possible in V4? Is it possible to have a navbar “template” that when updated is reflected in all the webpages that have the navbar on it? Or does each page have to be individually edited?



Hallo Joel
Happy to know you are a satisfied v3 user.
Templating/shared components are one of the next big things under development.
Hopefully we will ship it in January.
You will be able to share navbar/footer and any other part across multiple pages.

Thank you

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That is great news! Thanks.



I’m just curious if there has been any development with templating/shared components? This is the last thing I’m waiting on before becoming a premium user.



Hi Joel. Yes we are actively working on Pingendo 4 ½, a major update for our app.
It will address templating as already told. It will introduce a new way to build and update entire static sites.
We are going to open a beta for users who wants to test the new features in the next weeks.
Thanks for the patience

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That’s great, thanks for the reply.



Dear gseregni

I am a new user disappointed by other web builders and hoping I have found something better, two years down the line!!

I have came across your post regarding the NavBar and Footer, I am right in thinking that you have to update the NavBar on every page if you make a change on one? There is no one to make the NavBar/Footer a master element

Thanks in advance

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Just copy and past from a page to the other in a few clic



I’ve got 120+ webpages on my site. Copy and paste would be very tedious.



Is there an ETA for templating/shared components?



In the last months we made a big refactor to make app foundations stronger. This caused some delay in releasing new features.

Good news - The new version is almost ready and will be shipped in August,so you can expect news on Shared Components (aka Symbols) in September.

Thank you for your patience.



No problem, thanks for the update. Exciting news!



I just downloaded Pingendo. I’m trying to set up a master page with header/navigation and footer that would be common to all pages. How to do it using Shared Components?