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Hello, I’m something new on pingendo, I make the mobile version for my web site with Pingendo but the look it’s out of plane. (on Pingendo looks great) some tips to fix it? I attach an image of how it looks


Really to see a live URL to test, a screenshot is not much help here.


Sorry, sure!


I’ve looked on desktop computer, android phone, android tablet and ipad and all seems to be quite normal.

What is it you are seeing that you are unhappy with?


Hello! Sorry for the time, I will attach how it looks on my phone ( and another Androids), on Pingendo’s preview looks really nice!, thank you for your time.


Still working fine on all my devices but if I narrow desktop browser to narrower than my mobile phone screen I see the issue that you are having.

Not sure but try making PandaCode into 2 words Panda Code and see what impact that has on it as first and easy step to try.

Failing that I think you might need to add another media query to use a smaller font on really small mobile devices.



Gonna try it, thank you!