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Issues with fonts (again!)


Hi, due to production pressures, I had to go away from Pingendo for a while. Have just downloaded the latest version (4.1.9) and installed.
Have opened up both a template and a blank page. When I go to “Load More” under Google fonts, on every occasion I get an “Error in SASS at line xx”.
When I look at the offending line, it looks perfectly okay to me, but each font listed simply has “load more…” and Google fonts do not open. (At one time, although it was a bit of a pain to go through I would get a window with the Google fonts in it and could - albeit tortuously - add a font to my system. Not now for some reason.)
Is this down to me or are there still bugs?


Ah, different way of importing from last time - think I may have it now.


Or not, as the case may be… sigh.


I’m seeing it as well. Might be better to report via the bug tracker, gets a much quicker response. Go to Help / About and the link is there.


I just posted a tutorial of how to use the last FontAwesome version.