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Is there still support and new updates and upgrades from Pingendo or is it dead

I wonder that there is still support and new versions are being made and updated because there is no longer any sign of life

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You’re right, everything looks dead.

I have Pinegrow Professional its better en uodated every 3 months

Depending on the request I use several cms including Pinegrow - Novi Builder - Bootstrap Studio - OpenCart, but I can assure you that in terms of practicality and speed I feel more than good with Pingendo. Pingendo is very versatile and I can add all the scripts and codes without it exploding XD. My worst experiences were with Novi Builder and Mobirise, a scam of both for money and time.

Breaking news… The new Pingendo 5.0 is under developments, and it will be available for everyone before Christmas.

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I asked this question and Pingendo team responded with positive answer about the future of the product.
No worries, they’re just busy.


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