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Images not loading when svg-preloader is used in Bootstrap class template


I am working with a purchased template that I got directly from Bootstrap.

In all cases where “svg-preloader” is used in an image class the image will not load in Pingendo. If I click on the unloading image on the page - the image picture does appear in the image box on the right column. It just won’t load onto the page. I’ve also noticed that certain other things like the Bootstrap carousel does not seem to load. But for the moment I am more concerned with the image problem. It would be very helpful to see them.

Next. If I remove “svg-preloader” from the class the image will load in Pingendo, but still will not display in a preview done from within Pingendo. If however I do a preview of the file directly from the browser without Pingendo being involved the pages display correctly with or without “svg-preloader” in the class.

Any assistance on how to correct this would be appreciated.


Can you paste or attach an example ?


Yes, thankyou. Basically what I have discovered is that anything that begins with SVG, example, class “SVGMainHero”, as in the attached image, will not display. Doesn’t matter whether it is a carousel, an image, etc. If it’s tied to SVG it’s a no go.

I am not by any means a good bootstrap author, but the template is directly from Bootstrap themselves so I am assuming they know how to write Bootstrap correctly.