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GTmetrix speed score and improvment


Hallo guy’s, ive been looking for a better and faster cookie policy generator and find 1 really cool,
you can see in action here ,everythings goes fine becuase my website speed is about 2.2 seconds eccept for the gtmetrix scan, the report sayd that I have to optimize some png but i cannot find them . Anyone have an idea about how could i change this png? another good news is that i have score A related to privacy impact score, you can test your website here
Thank you


If you are referring to the big cookie box that would annoy 99% of visitors in my opinion, completely stupid way to display it.

As for speed testing the Google site gives good results


Ouch! Hallo Mandarin nice to meet you. Cookie policy its really annoing but GDPR is much more annoyng and for comply with all this s hit there are imposed rule , one of this is to dont permit to any visitor to scroll down your website unless they clic on popup that cover all the screen after reading a lot of info. I dont use google pagespeed test because its not really trusteful and always ask yoi to perform bettere using AMP wich is a tricky google mission. By the way thank you