Font Selector


Any chance of a better way to select Google fonts? I’m currently trying to add Rametto to my site, and I go through all the procedures to do this but have great difficulty with some of the smaller things - for example while Quick Add works, adding from Google fonts doesn’t seem to want to allow me to add it! All the box on the right hand side shows is “Lato” and then won’t let me add anything to it.


We are currently fixing some bugs about the font selector. It’s taking a while but we will get it done asap, maybe in a slightly different way.

Thanks a ton for the request


Good to hear. thanks for that.


What is the timeline on the updates for the font selector? I am using this for a client and need the font bugs fixed. When I use your text editor to add a Google font my text is white and I can’t see what I am typing.


We’ll have a look at it today. sorry for the inconvenience