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Error update version 4.1.11 to 4.1.12 than i'm Fixed it


When the update notification balloon appears, I click restart and appear the message as shown. Why? (I have completed this first paragraph myself)

This is a coincidence, I want to share the experience of handling the error. A few minutes after I got the error message, then I restarted it but I ran it as administration via the path address C:\Program Files\Pingendo\Pingendo.exe(RUN AS ADMINISTRATION) and miraculously installed Pingendo version 4.1.12.:grinning:


Hi there,

unfortunately Electron has this big, annoying but right now.
You can download the latest version from Pingendo website (
We are investigating possible solutions. Follow updates in the link below


I updated Pingendo and didn’t get this error.
Ran perfectly :slight_smile:


Yes, I have restarted. Then I run it as administrator before the update notification to version 4.1.12 appears. And now, I have a pingendo version 4.1.12 and it seems to look fine or is there really another problem? In addition, I now have a new problem where I am confused to enter the video as a cover-background for one of the sections on my website. Do you have a solution for that?


Version 4.1.3 fix the installation error on both windows and osx.


in pingendo 4.1.13 version is not seresponsive the previous version. I tried Smartphone display and I saw results that didn’t match expectations.


Nothing changed about reponsive in this update. Have you a screenshot or more details ?


Sorry, sir, this is just a small error in my CSS code. Pingendo doesn’t have a problem. So far good. Only I made conclusions too quickly.