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Error saving empy theme.css


Whenever I make changes to the Sass code and try to save I get the following error:

Error saving empty file\<directory_location>theme.css

Need help on this asap or Im demanding a refund, Getting very tired of the issues with this program.


Could you detail the steps you take to generate this error along with OS help diagnose. I amend SASS files all the time without issue.


It looks to be this bad section of code from SASS:

// fix yiq for backgrounds
@each $name, $value in $theme-colors {
.bg-#{$name} {
@include color-yiq($value);

I never added this code (Its from the Restaurant template) and Pingendo has an error symbol over the Theme tab.

Error said - [Line 146 - Col 14] no mixin named color-yiq Backtrace: /stdin:146

Once I removed this code the error went away.

What is this code for? Do I need it?


Just downloaded the Restaurant Template and not getting any errors. The SASS file does not contain the code you refer to at download time for me so not sure how it got into yours !


Ok. Thanks for checking!