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Embed Google fonts


Pingendo loads your system fonts by default. To import more fonts from Google go to the THEME panel on the right side of the editor. Scroll down to the TYPOGRAPHY section: here you can define different fonts for paragraphs headings and displays.

Select the folder simbol next to the font name and a modal will appear. On the side you will see the button for importing Google fonts. Click on the link and a field will open with an example of a font name that you will need to type in.

Visit the Google Font website or just click on the link below the editable field to browse them all. Choose the one that you want to embed and just type its name in the panel.

Now the fonts are available on the list on the left. Click on one of them to apply it to paraghraphs, headings or displays. You can always delete them with the X botton.

When you will embed a new font you will see some changes in the SASS source. At the very beginning there will be a new line like this:

@import url(''); @import url('');

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Some bugs do exist, when Iā€™m in the design phases and I tend to fiddle with many different fonts. As I remove the ones I no longer need and save, I still find references to those @import url in my CSS file.

Ooops. You are right. It will be fixed in the next update.
Thank you

Thanks @gseregni ! Keep up the great work with Pingendo for Bootstrap 4, it is shaping up very nicely! Will your full retail release occur when Bootstrap 4 final is released or before?