Edit HTML and CSS code


One of the most important and powerful feature of Pingendo is the possibility to check and edit the source right when you are working with the visual editor.

At the bottom of the page there’s a horizontal bar with HTML and SASS written on it. Click there and you will see the code of the web page.

It is always possible to switch from HTML to SASS by clicking on the tabs above the panel. The HTML code is all there for you to edit: write, correct, undo, delete, copy/paste. Whatever you may need to implement your project can be done right here. The preview in the visual editor will be automatically update, letting you see how it reacts. Moreover, the selection in the visual editor will highlight the corresponding portion of code.

Regarding SASS/CSS you will see that is as easy as for HTML. Insert your custom rule here and you will see the effects in the visual editor. Notice that there aren’t so many SASS variables shown there but Bootstrap includes many more.



do you think features to framewoks like react? i need software like neonto react studio but for windows, and this is a good option


That’s not properly a features. It would be a brand new product. :slight_smile: