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CMS Implementation

This is only idle curiosity - don’t expect a response as such. I heard somewhere (or read it on the forum) that you’re working on a CMS for Pingendo. Any news on that? Or is there any way I can implement a third party solution to it?

Cheers - and thanks for an excellent program.


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Yes we are working on a CMS solution, and other related stuff.
We are going to open early access next week for who want to preview our latest effort.

Thank you and see you soon

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Cool, thanks Giulio.

It was just a curiosity question (I’ve just got a customer in who is adamant that he wants to change his own site around himself) - I think that Pingendo is getting better every day. I downloaded version three to see how the two versions differ, and there are parts of v3 that I think are better, but on the whole v4 is proving itself every time for me.

Great program - keep up the good work.

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Any new about CMS implementation?

I would like to know if there is a way to create a website by Pingendo, deploy in netlify and also offer for the clientS a tool (CMS) to manage the content just like Netlify CMS.

Because currently I have to manage the content and it is boring and time-consuming.

This integration would be fantastic/amazing/revolutionary => No WP anymore, just pingendo with static sites.

Hi, we alreaady have a working version of the new Pingendo 5.0 still in early private beta. You can write me to if you want to join the beta. Thank you