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Cannot change colors


Please reference

Go to FAQ section.

Here are the hex values from my SASS:

$theme-colors: (
primary: #1b2021,
secondary: #505050,
success: #28a745,
info: #8a8a8a,
warning: #ffffff,
danger: #77773c,
light: #f8f9fa,
dark: #202020

If I try to change the text “Yes, both the owner/operator and Nu-Dimension Design and Drafting as a firm are certified and hold BCIN …etc” it does not change.

How can I change the color? I tried using the theme panel, editing the css. Nothing works.


Nice site really clean i like it,.
Have you try to change the value of “light” with the one you like?
This have nothings to matter with your post but i think you have to consider to change the dimesion of your header text because into smartphone i can read only the cetral part


When you make changes to SASS file you should see the little save wheel turning. Pretty sure you need to resave html and sass file locally but away from machine at moment so cannot try.