Better PHP Support


Make it so you can save to.php file. I know it works to open a .php file ans save changes already. but the problem is that when i save it Pingendo makes all of my PHP code to HTML comments.


Unfortunately the chance to open PHP file it’s actually a glitch that will be fixed in the next update.
Pingendo can read and write just plain HTML files and there is no plan to change it in the near future.


Yeah i only want Pingendo to be able to open PHP files without it destroying the PHP vode by making it a comment :slight_smile:


I develop PHP applications, but I use the following method:

1.1 HTML, CSS front end developed using pingendo
1.2 Basically finished HTML imported into Netbeans – carry on development
2. JavaScript files talk to HTML
3. JavaScript files talk to PHP
4. PHP talking to DB’s or Webservices etc


I just discovered Pingendo and love it. I think it is probably the best bootstrap integration program I have seen. Unfortunately, much of my work is heavily dependent on using php code. If there was a way to preserve the php formatting (instead of changing to an html comment), it would be very helpful. Even better would be full php integration. That said, I hope you revisit your decision to not support php.

Thank you.