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I think Pingendo is fantastic already, but if I were thinking of something more to enter then there had to be animations. The ability to easily add animations to elements on the page would be cool.


It’s fairly simple to add a bit of css code to create animations but with the huge number of variations would be a nightmare to program in. And I’m guessing animation will just be another passing fad and will not be around for long.

Lot’s more info here:


Or use Animate.css what is free and great animation collection:


Thanks for that, didn’t know it existed. Brings it all together quite nicely.


Animate.css is a great example of what i am saying. Not complexs animations but simple like fade in.etc

Example with an dropdown in the settings for the element you are working on.


I am going to up vote the animation and parallax functions. Currently i am looking for a webflow alternative, where they shine is mostly at the animation sector. Our website is built in webflow and has tons of animation, since we are a marketing company our clients absolutely love the animations we implement for them.

Here is the link to see the effects this has, .

However webflow has a lot of draw back when exporting a project, they are mostly pushing to her their own servers used, crm is also online. The plans are also not cheap when a site is fully built. There are also some other issues to y I am looking at Pingendo premium user. However animation is a must of us. We might end up using pingendo for smaller projects at the moment.