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Add Hyphenation support + langauge tag


I really love Pingendo, and it really makes my work easier.
However, one thing I miss is support for CSS hyphenation. It would be cool if I could directly enable it somewhere in the settings. E.g. Define language and then hyphenation settings.



Hyphenation eill surely only make two words into one longer word. Imagine how odd that will look oh different size monitors or mobiles when resizing of browser away from your design size happens.


Well, I currently have the other case. I have a heading in German, a long german noun, for example the classical


which has a bigger size then the width on mobile. So that’s where hyphenation would come in handy or necessary to have auto line breaks.


OK. I can see the ability to set where to put the hyphen on smaller screens would help there. How though would you determine where to break the word making sure it still makes sense as a hyphenated word?

Have a look at this - might help.


First there must be a setting for the language in the HTML tag. Like <HTML lang=de>. Just a simple field in site settings
This is necessary so that the browser loads the correct hyphenation dictionary for automatic splitting. Other thing would be to have it as an option to define it on a paragraph, e.g choose the allowed values from the combobox.
Manual hyphenation can be triggered by hard or shy hyphens characters.

That’s all I wish for. Just an option to define it for text.