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!0 minutes in Pingendo

A 10 minute web page using just Pingendo.

Does a very good job very esily,

this website is made with wordpress, I think this link should be removed

Your comment is 12 months behind when the link was posted when site was in fact produced with Pingendo. You’ll also notice it now redirects to a different domain.

You are right, but both I and others read old posts for many reasons, you could have removed it yourself 11 months ago.

You’re talking rubbish, nobody goes through any forum removing old posts. If you want to read a year old post just apply common sense if the result is not what you expected to see.

Posts are only every current and correct on the day they are posted.

You’re wrong. I read the post and clicked on the link just to see how the website was made, to see the different styles and how each user of pingendo customizes the template. At first glance looking at the linked website I thought it was very nice and well made but soon after I realized that it had not been done with pingendo.